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For now you must sleep under the sun, and travel with the moon as she crosses the sky- for it is time you became the dragon, and slew the knight. Dear hero, they're burning all the books down there in that evil city, because some fool told them too. They can't understand that no mortal man can judge wrong from right...

A new age dawns, so learn from the darkness as you once learned from the light.

-'A writer's call to anarchy'; Personal Creed

Myers-Briggs Personality Type: INFP (Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, Perceiving)
Enneagram Personality Type: Type 9w8, the Peacemaker; the Referee
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Chinese Zodiac: Wood Pig

Hey, I'm Alice, but I go by Lesley or Les online. I'm a hobbyist-hoping to eventually go professional fiction writer; I also do photography, cook, draw and sing. I eat, sleep and breath my art. It's a huge part of my life.

I guess you could think of me as the idiosyncratic author type; I'm weird and abstract but I'm also very open to new experiences and like to have fun. Besides my art, I love dogs, bird watching, philosophy and mythology. I do a lot of reading and videogaming in my spare time, or otherwise ramble about the internet being myself. I'm no genius, but I know a little bit about a lot of things; generally I'm pretty laid back and friendly and such. X3

I'm something of a consul, so if you ever need someone to just lay out all your problems too, I'm game. I don't like watching people walk around miserable and I do what I can to set things right.

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I've never reviewed a movie before, so I can't guarantee depth or professionalism. =P Here goes nothing!

Like a lot of people who went to see this movie because A) the advertising campaign was really persuasive B) there's still a giant blue tub of legos with my name on it in the closet somewhere. I've always been impressed in the past with the company's ability to create cartoon vehicles that are made to sell their product but still have a high standard of quality and still manage to be entertaining on their own. I myself consider Ninjago something of a guilty pleasure (don't go spreading that around. JK.)

So let's let the air out of the bag: This is a (mostly) positive review. I'll break it down:

The Good

Even if the pacing was a bit unsteady at times, the story itself is a solid one. It's pretty much exactly what I expected it to be based on the previews- a classic tale of learning to value yourself in a world were standing out is a bad thing. And of course, it was absolutely hilarious; the movie delivered exactly what it promised in the humor department, with lots of witty fast-paced sight gags and some memorable reaction shots. Yet, when it comes down to the climax, it manages to hold its breath for a brief moment to give the movie's most important message: everyone has the potential to do great things, and in the end, we make our own destiny. Then it goes right back to being silly again.

Also don't glue your legos together kids, because that's stupid and why the hell would anyone glue legos together anyways.

The popculture characters weren't as overbearing as I was concerned they would be. Batman and Morgan Freeman's character featured heavily, but the others where restricted to charming background roles. The other leads where lego original characters as far as I could tell. (All taken from past sets? I'm not much of an expert on this beyond playing with mine growing up, and I never had any of the characters featured, so if someone could inform me of the actual logistics of this that would be great.)

The Eh:

That song in the promotions was negatively portrayed in the storyline. )= It was such a catchy tune, too.

The Bad:

For all I praised it earlier, the story did lose me for a bit when it was decided that they would break into the bad guy's hideout by following the lego instruction booklets, when up until then that had been a bad thing, and then immediately afterward it goes back to being a bad thing. I think I understand what they where trying to do (doing the opposite of what the villain expected), but it could have been explained a little bit better.


Then there's the advertising. I mentioned before that I like the Ninjago TV series because even as a toy selling vehicle, it has a lot of its own genuine strengths. The Lego Movie still has that- but I felt that the product placement and the voice in my ear whispering 'buy more legos' was a little bit more obvious then I would have liked it to be. Still, it is clear that the writers of the movie have a lot of love for the history of these nifty little toys, and I have to recommend the movie for anyone who has a sense of humor and fondly remembers playing with legos.
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